Yoga Teacher – Reuben Murray
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Yoga Teacher – Reuben Murray

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your story.

I’m a Runner, CrossFit enthusiast with a background in martial arts. When I was 18 I played Australian Rules Football for the Brisbane Lions Reserves following in my uncle’s footsteps who won a Brownlow Medal for Fitzroy. Due to some football injuries life took an unexpected turn and I ended up living In New York City for three years.

How and why did you choose to enter the world of Health, Wellness and Yoga?

I began studying Vipassana meditation and discovered Yin Yoga as I was rehabilitating from my ACL operation. I noticed that my knee was responding well to the long hold stretches that are accustomed in Yin, but I was also unlocking deeper parts of myself that were previously only accessible in deep meditation. This is when I knew I wanted to study Yoga so I could share this gift with others.

Favourite WOD?


Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your journey?

David Goggins opened my mind to Ultra Marathons and through meditation and yin I realised that there is a deep reservoir of energy that has unlimited potential to achieve desired goals.

Favourite food?


Favourite drink?


Favourite holiday destination?


Favourite motivational quote?

The only way to live is by helping somebody in a way where they can never repay you.

What’s one OCD trait you have?

10km run before CrossFit


200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training
50 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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