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Food is medicine! If you're feeling tired, sluggish, frumpy and just not 100% then we can be sure that your food intake could be better. Start on one of our specific meal plans to get you tracking toward your goals!


If you're not at our gym training regularly, then you will certainly know about it! We'll support you along your journey with us to make sure you get the results you're after. 

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Do you need extra support and specific training? 1 on 1 coaching will help you achieve your goals quicker whilst building consistent healthy habits

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Our results based approach takes all the guesswork away by giving you everything you need to improve the way you look, feel, and perform.

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I’ve recently moved to the Sunshine Coast. After research of gyms in my area, I hit the jackpot with CF Caloundra. I’m soo happy I found a place that makes me feel welcome and very comfortable. The staff are soo lovely and helpful and the members I’ve met so far are the same. Highly recommend Crossfit Caloundra.

Jannah Windsor

Wow... what wonderful friendly people to train with. Each session is overseen by your instructor who guides you through each session. Hard & to your own level... so much fun & fitness within minded people.... Highly Recommended

Sharon Freeman

I’m over 30 years old have multiple autoimmune diseases and have just started CrossFit in the last few months. I was scared and intimidated at the whole thing but found out quickly I needn’t be. The team are wonderful and have helped me slot right into the family that is CrossFit Caloundra. If you want a place to work out that’s safe from goons staring at you, others judging you, intimidating mirrors and general ickiness then I firmly recommend CrossFit Caloundra as the place for you 😁

Jac MacFarlane

Very welcoming gym of anybody at any fitness level. Great focus on technique and safety whilst also encouraging you to work hard, lift heavy and progress your skills and strength. The 5am classes, especially early in the week, are frequently fully booked with multiple people on waitlist so if that's the only time you're available that's something to consider.

Harry Davies

Awesome place to train. The members & staff are super welcoming. The trainers knowledge is unreal and they will help you get whatever you need out of each class! Workouts are challenging for every level of athlete. I moved away and still make sure I drop in for a workout when I can 😆 10/10 recommend!

Kate Kennelly

I just finished a 28 day challenge through CrossFit Caloundra and was beyond happy with the results. 4kgs down in such a short time and I feel better than ever! The vibe at CrossFit Caloundra was amazing and everyone was very welcoming, supportive and motivating. Such a great experience and I would highly recommend them!

Ricci Leanne

Hands down, best choice I have made training at CrossFit Caloundra. Amazing and VERY friendly team of coaches. I look forward to the next day of training and always feel great when I leave. I highly recommend!

Lucian Mashobe

CFC is an amazing family friendly gym. There are no expectations or limits on who can join and how far you can progress. The trainers are friendly and supportive. The gym itself is beautiful and somewhere you actually want to be. The programs are always changing and giving you a new challenge to achieve. CFC is the best gym I've been to!

Brooke Anderson

I cannot recommend CrossFit Caloundra enough! I’d always liked the idea of crossfit but was slightly hesitant to get started- I had trialled a few different gyms on the coast but as soon as I tried out CFC I felt straight at home. The coaches are second to none- they give you the best guidance and ensure that you get 100% from every single workout- especially on the days that you need that extra little push!

Shauna Connolly

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