Movement Tip: The Kipping Toes to Bar
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Movement Tip: The Kipping Toes to Bar

The Toes to Bar, demonstrated here by CrossFit Seminar Staff member James Hobart is very often the first kipping movement you come across in CrossFit. Kipping is really just the act of generating more movement through swinging, much like you did on the playground swing when you were a kid. However, one caution when doing any kind of kipping is to be aware that it tends to throw your bodyweight into a more extreme range of motion than you might ordinarily move. Overstressing any joint at the extreme range of motion is high risk, not only for an acute injuiry, but for longer term damange to the ligaments and tendons, which don’t tend to repair as well as muscle. For that reason, you may prefer to work on modifications that help you to develop core and shoulder strength before you start swinging around on the barbell.

Points Of Performance

  • Position hands on the bar wider than the shoulder
  • Full grip on the bar
  • Start hanging with arms extended
  • Initiate swing with shoulders
  • Alternate between arched and hollow positions
  • Lift feet towards bar while in hollow position
  • At the same time, push down on the bar with straight arms
  • Both feet touch the bar in between the hands

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