Movement Tip: The Front Rack Lunge
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Movement Tip: The Front Rack Lunge

Building on from the Walking Lunge last week, this week all we are doing is adding some weight with a barbell in the Front Rack position. Just as we considered with the Front Squat, not everybody has the mobility to hold the elbows up in a good front rack position, so don’t be afraid to ask your coach for suitable modifications if you are feeling uncomfortable or your wrists are bent too far back to compensate. Other options include holding a kettlebell in the goblet position, two kettlebells in the front rack position or holding a plate at your chest. Your coach will also be able to provide you with suitable mobility to work to help you to lift your elbows higher in the front rack position.

Points Of Performance

  • Hands positioned on the sides of the shoulders
  • Hold the bar with a loose grip
  • Elbows high, at the level of the shoulder
  • One leg steps forward
  • Keep heel of forward leg down
  • Maintain a straight back
  • Lower torso until back knee touches the ground
  • Forward leg shin remains relatively vertical
  • Complete at full hip and knee extension
  • Opposite leg begins next step

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