Coach – Sonia De Rose

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your story.

Mother of two amazing adults, High Performance Coach, Football Fanatic with a strong relationship with all things CrossFit.

How and why did you choose to enter the world of CrossFit?

My body was no longer enjoying martial sports and I wanted to find something that ticked self-development boxes but with a group fitness feel. Once involved I wanted to share it with everyone I knew.

Favourite WOD?

Isabel and Grace and Murph would be up there for workouts that I would do annually.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your journey?

The older person who walks into the box, nervous and out of their comfort zone; willing to try something new.

Favourite food?

Pizza or good Thai – very mood dependant.

Favourite drink?

Soda Water with fresh lime or Pinot Noir

Favourite holiday destination?

The next one…I am an adventurer rather than a poolside sunbather.

Favourite motivational quote?

“The gardener cannot actually “grow” tomatoes, squash, or beans – she can only foster an environment in which the plants do so.” Stanley McChrystal

What’s one OCD trait you have?

Respectfulness. I offer it to everyone and demand it from all. It’s a sign of coachability and good community within the gym.


BA of Ex Science
Masters HP Coaching
L2 CrossFit

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