Our Team are at the top of their field within the CrossFit community here in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and pride themselves in their professionalism, attentiveness and humility.

Meet Our Team

get started with our 1-on-1 ON-BOARDING sessions


We care greatly about your journey into the wonderful world of CrossFit. That's why we recommend completing our 3x 45 minute Personal Training sessions to JUMPSTART you first and familiarise you with the movements, stimulus and workout intensities we use in our daily workouts.

After completely these sessions, you will:

  • Have learned the correct techniques to keep you safe and progressing quickly 
  • Enter your first class confidently knowing the variety of movements
  • Be conditioned so that first class doesn't leave you feeling like death!
  • Know exactly how you will achieve your long-term goals

We pride ourselves on delivering a high quality, personalised fitness program.


Here’s 8 REASONS why you should be training at CrossFit Caloundra!


• You’ll feel excited to come to training because each workout is fun, challenging and different every day.

• You'll learn the correct techniques to be able to progress at your own level with the help of our highly experienced trainers.

• You’ll have fun with a group of friendly, motivated people who support and encourage you.

• You’ll want to train regularly because you’ll see fast results in strength, fitness and body shape.

• You’ll have access to our food coaching program that’s not restrictive or a fad, but just quietly gets you leaner and more muscular.

• You’ll be fitter, stronger and more flexible for life and sport.

• We have an awesome, supervised kids Creche so you can get a great workout in even if you have the kids!

• At CrossFit Caloundra you’re not just a member… you become a training partner and a great friend.

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