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A Tailored Approach To Fitness

Regardless of your existing experience or fitness objectives, we have the appropriate fitness program for you. No matter your size or shape, you can get a terrific workout at CrossFit Caloundra because we’ve lifted the bar for functional training through our coaching program.

Hybrid Training

We love the benefits of group exercise classes (fun, more cost effective, social etc.) but the drawback is there is less time for individual coaching. Everyone is unique, has different needs and goals. As a result, you may benefit from a more personalised approach. Our Hybrid membership combines group classes & one-on-one personal training to assist you in areas such as: physique transformation, performance training, nutrition, recovery mobility, injury prevention/rehab, skill acquisition & sport-specific training.

Group Training

Our CrossFit group training program is the pinnacle of strength & conditioning. A range of functional routines are combined throughout workouts, including aerobic, gymnastics, powerlifting, and Olympic lifting. Get ready to get started because there is something fresh every day!

24/7 Access Training

We have an amazing facility equipped with everything you need to become the fittest, strongest and most athletic version of yourself. If you’d prefer to just utilise the space with your own personal programming we have a stand alone 24/7 access membership.