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Caloundra InBody Composition Scan

Are you ready to take your fitness goals to the next level? CrossFit Caloundra is thrilled to introduce the InBody 570 Body Composition Analysis as an essential tool in your fitness arsenal. We believe that achieving your fitness objectives starts with understanding your body’s unique composition, and the InBody 570 is here to help.

What is does

InBody Scans provide individual measurements for each of the body’s 5 cylinders (arms, legs and torso) to provide you with a precise and detailed analysis of your body composition.

What you get

InBody Scans cost $35. You receive a full body composition scan, a detailed breakdown of your results, a booklet to help you understand the results and a guided tour from one of our staff.

How it works

InBody uses multiple currents at varying frequencies to provide precise body composition analysis. The 8 point electrode system ensures measurements remain the same resulting in a high level of precision.


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