CFC Community Core Values


What we expect from our members:

Be Positive

Be willing to try and possibly fail

Never whinge, gossip or complain

Encourage and support your fellow members


Be Coachable

Listen to your coach

Ask for help

Be willing to try a different way


Be Honest

Lead by example

Adhere to the standards of everything we do

Never make excuses


Be Hard Working

Commit to your training

Prioritise healthy eating habits

Focus on consistent behaviours not out-comes


CFC Coach Core Values


What you can expect from us, we will:

Be Attentive

Coach you every session for 60 minutes

Be available before and after class to chat

Always show you alternatives to the WOD if you’re limited in anyway


Be Encouraging

Guide you to your best fitness

Pick you up each time you fall

Always show you the positive side


Be Fun

Be happy and up beat every time you’re at the box

Do our best to have the WOD beats vibing

Try and make you smile and laugh every session you do


Be Humble

Strive for continual improvement in ourselves as coaches

Put you before us

Respect and listen to you