24/7 Gym Access Rules

Step 1 – Download the app “TTLock” from your app store and create an account using your phone number. This is the app you will use to open the front door. Send me a message once you have done this and I will send an eKey to get access.

Just tap the lock icon inside the app once when at the front door and you will gain access to open the door. You DO NOT need to use the app to leave the facility.

Step 2 – Please READ and UNDERSTAND all of the rules associated with 24/7 access at CFC below.

24/7 RULES

  • If you plan on training during regular class times please do your best to stay out of the way of the class and know that the class takes equipment priority.
  • Do not bring or allow a person that is not an approved 24/7 member to access the facility without permission of management.
  • Do not allow anyone younger than 16 years of age to access the facility without adult supervision.
  • Do not bring animals to the facility outside of class times.
  • If alone in the gym please keep your phone with you at all times in order to dial the emergency numbers if required. These are listed around the gym and should be saved in your phone.
  • If you are training in the evening or early morning, you may turn the gym lights on. The main lights are located inside to the right upon entering the gym and on the front left wall of the building near the gated kids area. They are on a 4-hour timer so please be aware of this. Please turn them off upon leaving the facility.
  • The back roller door is permitted to be opened, but must be closed upon leaving the facility. Use the metal hook to pull the door down from the top. Click HERE to view the instructional video on opening & closing the roller door.
    The back toilet door is permitted to be opened, but must be closed upon leaving the facility.
  • NO noise BEFORE 7am or AFTER 6pm. If you wish to drop heavy barbells during these times, you may use the barbell foam drop mats located at the back of the gym. (red pair & black pair)
  • You may bring your own external music device in with you. (ie. bluetooth speaker etc), but please be respectful of the above quiet times.
  • No one under the influence of alcohol or drugs is permitted in the gym at any time. No alcohol involved fitness activities are permitted.
  • Please NO dropping of barbells/dumbbells/kettlebells on the sled turf track.
  • Please NO dropping of barbells loaded with 2.5kg or 5kg plates.
  • Please use barbell clips when doing any lifting (these are located under the TV area).
  • Please NO use of the wooden plyo boxes to snatch or clean & jerk off. These are only meant for jumping. You may use the designated jerk blocks (located at the back) for jerk and block work.
  • Please NO use the gym ice bath without the supervision of a staff member.
  • Please only use the equipment you understand how to use.
  • Always Inspect the equipment to make sure it is properly functioning prior to using the equipment. Notify management if something is wrong.
  • Utilise a spotter whenever lifting heavy weight or don’t go there if you are training by yourself.
  • Stop exercising if you feel faint or light headed and seek medical attention.
  • Notify management, and all other members using the facility, if any equipment is not working properly or if you notice any potentially dangerous conditions within the facility.
  • The gym is monitored 24/7 by surveillance cameras. Please do not touch, move, obstruct, or unplug any security cameras.
  • You may use the fans inside the gym, but must turn them off upon finishing your workout. Click HERE to view the instructional video on using the fans.
  • Please do not go behind the front desk.
  • Any items taken from the front retail area please pay using the payment details listed on the price list sheet in the retail area. Smile you’re on camera. 😊
  • Please sanitise and return all equipment, chalk, and/or other gym supplies to their designated storage place after using the equipment and pick up any items, mess, or trash brought into the gym or bathrooms.
  • Please mop up any area you use to remove excess sweat, chalk, etc. The gym mop is located behind the toilets.

Please treat CFC like it’s yours… because it is! This is YOUR gym home! Please respect the space and of others coming to use the facility as well.

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