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Monday WOD 18/08/14

It’s been 12 weeks since last testing so we’re hitting some 1RM’s this week! We’ll max out a strength lift each day so choose which one’s you want to hit, rip in and lift BIG!
Mon – Front squat
Tues – Pull up
Wed – Snatch
Thurs – Strict press
Fri – Deadlift
Remember also this Saturday will be another Darkside Barbell JME League round so we’ll hit Snatch & Clean & jerk 1RM then too. Looking forward to some big numbers being lifted crew!

Today’s WOD

Front squat – find your 1RM!

Met Con:
For total time complete:
2 rounds of:
10 toes to bar
15 push press 60/40kg (taken from floor)
Rest 2 mins
2 rounds
10 handstand push ups
15 power cleans 60/40kg


Saturday ‘Bring a Mate’ partner WOD 16/08/14

Remember it’s ‘Bring a Mate’ partner WOD for today’s workout! Bring your friends along to try out the training you guys love!

Today’s WOD

20 min AMRAP:
20 plate ground-to-overhead, touch-and-go at floor, 20/10kg
20 plate step-ups, 20/10kg, 20″ box
20 squats, 20/10kg
200m partner plate carry

Notes: One partner working at a time – can split reps up however you desire. Perform plate carry together. Scaling options will be – lighter weight plate or NO weight plate for those new to CrossFit.

Bring in a mate to start reaping the benefits of CrossFit!

Friday WOD 15/08/14

Happy Birthday Julie Sunderland!

Today’s WOD

Power clean – find your 1RM!

Met Con:
Complete for time:
15, 12, 9 rep rounds of:
Pull up
Hang squat snatch 40/30kg
rest 60s
15, 12, 9 rep rounds of:
Ring dips
Sumo deadlift high pull 40/30kg

Here’s a common problem in the kipping pull up with a handy little fix!