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Saturday WOD 27/09/14

Hey crew, outdoor WOD today, all meet at the box at 7.20am to grab your kettlebell then we’ll head to Arthur St to dominate the hill! Bring a watch to time your rest periods!

Today’s WOD

Met Con:
Complete 6 rounds of the following resting 90s between sets:
1 hill sprint
10 burpees
10 KB push press 24/16kg, alternate 5 each arm
10 KB american swings 24/16kg
10 KB forward lunges 24/16kg, alternate 5 each leg, step back each rep
If you put the kettlebell down at all during the complex you earn yourself a 10 burped penalty


Friday WOD 26/09/14

Hey crew, time for you to update any old goals on the CFC goal board! If you’ve achieved it – wipe it and set some new ones! Anyone that hasn’t committed to writing them up – do it! Take responsibility for where you’re going in your Fitness, set some goals and start attacking them! Ok enough exclamation points… !!

Today’s WOD

Front squat – 3 @ 9, plus two drop sets (load drop). If your legs are feeling a bit beat up then just build to a 3 @ 8 and leave it at that for the day.

Met Con:
10 min AMRAP:
Start at 1 rep for each movement, adding a rep each round as high as possible over the 10 mins
Power clean 85/55kg
Rope climb
Handstand push up


Thursday WOD 25/09/14

Today’s WOD

Paused clean (above knee) + 2 paused jerks (in dip) – build to a 9, plus two repeat sets (repeat)

Met Con:
3 x 2 min rounds of:
Max unbroken thrusters 60/40kg
Max bar facing burpees
Rest 2 mins between rounds
Do as many unbroken thrusters as possible, when you drop the bar start burpees in remaining time
Score 2 points for every thruster & 1 point for every burpee


The Demise Of Paleo…


I’ll be upfront and honestly say I’ve never promoted the ‘Paleo’ diet as the holy grail of eternal youth and all your CrossFit dreams. Yes, it is a way of eating that can get results (depending on what you want those results to be), but is it the only way to skin the cat? Of course not. Is there other ways of eating that WILL get you results and WON’T have you vilified as the ‘weirdo’ who only eats meat and raw veggies at bbq’s and parties? Of course there is. Continue reading