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Saturday WOD 30/08/14

Righto crew let’s get some practice doing the upcoming All Star WODs! Starting with event 2 & 4…

Today’s WOD

All Star event 2:
9 min cap find your heaviest 1 rep squat snatch

rest 6 mins

All Star event 4:
13 min cap in partners complete the following:
60 thrusters 30/20kg
60 box jump overs 24″ (can step over)
60 toes to bar


Friday WOD 29/08/14

Today’s WOD

Hang clean + clean + jerk – Build to heavy set

Met Con:
Tabata the following:
Pull up
Front squat 20/15kg barbell (no dropping bars!)
Ring dip

Notes: Tabata is 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds rest. Complete 8 intervals of each station before moving to the next. Your score is the lowest interval of each exercise added up. E.g., if you get 7 sets of 10 and 1 set of 9, your score for that exercise is a 9.


Tuesday WOD 26/08/14

Hey crew, firstly – awesome work last week to everyone that came in for strength testing week. All your hard work pays off when we test so top job those that hit new PRs! Secondly – over the next few weeks we’ll be hitting some regular benchmark CrossFit WODs for you test your engines out! We’ll aim for 1-2 each week with the Saturday class being a regular (when we’re in the gym) – probably hit brekky after if everyone’s up for it. Some of the WODs will have time caps to them so if you think you can’t complete it within the given time frame then scale appropriately. Looking forward to seeing those that can Rx these workouts start filling up the box leaderboard! Let’s kick things off with good ole “Grace”!

Today’s WOD

Hang snatch + snatch + OHS – build to heavy set

Met Con:
For time complete:
30 ground to overhead 60/40kg


Monday WOD 24/08/14

Hey folks, we’ve noticed that the kids in the jail rule has been getting a little lazy of late – can you please make sure that if you bring your kids to the box you put them in our kids area so that they’re safe and out of the way. Remember, kids + heavy loaded barbells don’t go together so please respect the gym rules we have to keep them protected.

Today’s WOD

Front Squat – 4 @ 7, 4 @ 8, plus two down sets (repeat)

Met con:
AMRAP 9 minutes:
7 box jumps 30/24″
7 dumbbell man makers 20/10kg