• Crossfit Caloundra

    We Help Everyday People Achieve Extraordinary Levels Of Health & Fitness By Training Smarter!

  • Memberships


    We offer a selection of different CrossFit Caloundra memberships based on: your commitment per week, length of membership, type of training and whether you're advanced or just starting your CrossFit journey. All of our memberships are designed to get you in the best shape of your life and to perform at your best!

  • Beginners


    Start your CrossFit journey the right way! We'll coach you 1 on 1 to familiarize you with the equipment, movements and stimulus that we use specifically at CrossFit Caloundra. After you have completed these sessions we guarantee you will feel more confident, capable and conditioned to enter our daily classes with ease!

  • Free Trial


    If you've done some CrossFit before and looking for a new box on the Sunshine Coast, then take up our 3 day free trial to get a taste of what our programming and gym atmosphere is like. Simply enter your details & come to as many classes as you like over 3 days with no obligation to join after.