"When I started at CrossFit Caloundra a simple squat was challenging for me. Running or anything cardio-wise was near impossible.
My first few weeks highlighted just how unfit and unhealthy I had allowed myself to become. I set myself a challenge to become the best version of myself I could be, and I had a lot of work ahead.
I love coming to the box everyday because I improve with every session. I love the challenge and most of all the varied programming makes it so much fun. I can now safely say I am completely addicted to the daily workout and find myself furiously refreshing CFC's phone app in anticipation to show tomorrow's workout!"
Katy Campbell, 33
Mum of 4

"Before joining CFC I was un-motivated, overweight, tired and un-fit.
After my first class I was hooked, seriously. 7 months later and I've achieved things I never thought possible. I'm fitter, stronger & healthier than I have ever been and it's done wonders for my mental health!
Did I mention I'm 9kg lighter too ??
CrossFit Caloundra's not like the regular gyms, the community is just like a family where you're always encouraged and motivated to push yourself to places you never thought you were capable of doing. Do yourself a favour and try it out!"
Candice Torney, 35
Mum of 3

"I've joined so many gyms over the years and would always dread going and eventually give up on it. CFC was different from day one. I've been going for six months now and feel strong and fit. I've been constantly surprised by what my body can do after so many years of neglect!
The variety of the workouts and the awesome people are what keep me going back. Everyone is friendly, supportive and we always have a laugh. I bring my two daughters and they love hanging out in the crèche and swinging on the rings after class. You won't regret trying it."
Polly Lamond, 29
Mum of 2

"I started CrossFit 4 years ago as I wanted a new challenge after doing triathlons for 6 years. I thought I was fit but CrossFit pushed me out of my comfort zone every session. I got stronger and more flexible plus my knee issues and back problems disappeared because I learnt how to move my body properly! I am 40 and can do muscle ups, walk on my hands and squat with my bum on the floor, wow! If I can do it absolutely anyone can! Love the CrossFit Caloundra community, the vibe and the coaches, definitively the best lifestyle change I have ever made."
Brett Wardley, 40
Dad of 2

"In April 2015 I weighed 118kg after having 3 kids and was not feeling motivated to do much of anything. I was miserable and felt like I needed a change so that I could be happy in my own skin. After talking with a friend, who recommended CrossFit, I searched my local area and found CrossFit Caloundra where I've been training for the last 2 years. During the first 6 months, I lost 20kg and I'm now loving being in the double digits again. I'm able to do so much more with my boys. I've not only become more fit and healthy through exercise, CFC has also helped me to adjust my diet and supported me through my journey. As an added bonus, I've made some awesome new friends!"
Kylie Cerda, 38
Mum of 3

When I first started CrossFit I weighed in at 78kg and was supremely unfit. Running 100m was almost impossible without feeling like I was going to die. A week later I found out I was pregnant and continued on my fitness journey and only gained 10kg through my 4th pregnancy – the previous 3 I gained between 25-30kg. It was great because every movement was able to be scaled back to the bare basics so I could exercise safely.
Following the pregnancy, severe post-natal depression and a move back to QLD my weight had increased to about 95kg. With a long break from training, I dropped some weight then I stopped procrastinating and started my training at Crossfit Caloundra.
That was 2 years ago. My weight is now down to about 68kg with more to go but most importantly with the help of Marty and the coaches I have become happier, fitter and stronger! I have learned so much about the right nutrition for me and my body, my body shape has changed for the better and I have the energy to run after my little ones.
Deb Barber, 41
Mum of 3

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