Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself and your story.

I’m a mum, partner and fierce animal lover. I grew up in a very competitive sporting environment loving all forms of sport and exercise. I spent most of my childhood free time either at the pool swim training or at the beach for Surf Life Saving training.

Why did you choose to enter this space of Health, Wellness & CrossFit?

I studied a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Geography and Urban Planning but fell in love with all things CrossFit when I met Marty and haven’t looked back!

Favourite WOD or Exercise?

The technical complexity and explosiveness of the snatch will always have my heart.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your journey?

At a time when I was snacking on Maccas most days I was lucky enough to meet Marty who introduced me to this thing we call ‘CrossFit”. It’s our life now and I love the life I lead so obviously my biggest influence would be Marty. I’m so grateful to be able to wake up every day and do something that I love and that never feels like work. The amazing people who walk though the gym doors everyday, that I now call my friends, make each coaching day a good one.

Favourite food?

I don’t know if I have ONE favourite food but steak, pizza, and hot chips are among my favs.

Favourite drink?

A nice glass of red.

Favourite getaway destination?

Maybe its something to do the with B’s? Bali and Byron Bay take the cake. The vibe in both of these places is such a refreshing change.

Favourite motivational quote?

"Nothing changes if nothing changes"

What's one OCD trait you have?

I have to keep the dust off of everything! When the dust builds up at home it sends me crazy!


Bachelor Social Science (Geography & Human Planning)

Senior First Aid