How Much Does it Cost?

Our group coaching program is a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer. Pricing depends on what program is best for you! And the program depends on the goals you have. When we get to know your goal and current level of fitness we'll recommend the right program and price for you.

What's Included?

✓ Dedicated Personal Coach

✓ Access To Multiple Classes A Day

✓ Progress Check-Ins

✓ Personalised Exercise Instruction

✓ Body And Fitness Results Tracking

✓ Goal Accountability

✓ Nutrition Guidance

✓ Healthier Habits Coaching

What If I'm A Beginner Or Have An Injury?

Our professional coaches are experienced with working with all fitness levels and abilities. Each workout will be personalized using the appropriate modifications and progressions to ensure you have a fun, challenging, and effective session.

Am I Ready To Join?

You are ready if:

• You want to lose between 5-10kg of body weight

• Want to build muscle, lose body fat, create a healthier lifestyle

• Live or work within 20 min of our facility

• Willing to commit to at least 3x a week of exercise

• Willing to follow our program exactly for at least 12 weeks

• Are coachable and ready to implement healthier habits

How Do I Get Started?

⒈ Submit your contact info

⒉ Get to know each other - Chat about your goals and history

⒊ Schedule a call - Discuss the right plan and what changes are needed

⒋ Join our coaching program and begin taking action toward your goal

Get Membership & Pricing Info

"Hands down, best choice I have made training at CrossFit Caloundra."

Hands down, best choice I have made training at CrossFit Caloundra. Amazing and VERY friendly team of coaches. I look forward to the next day of training and always feel great when I leave. I highly recommend! - Lucian Mashobe

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