Love the convenience of training at home?


Well let us help you stay fit, healthy & happy with our completely remote memberships.


We have created 3 ONLINE MEMBERSHIPS to help you ahieve your strength, fitness and health goals.


VIRTUAL First Class 

VIRTUAL Business Class 



All of these memberships are driven by our NEW app platform, giving you access to loads of features! Some of these are:


 Daily workouts led by our experienced coaches so you can be motivated to work harder compared to by yourself!

 Daily workout movement demos and brief explaining exactly how we want you to complete each exercise and the workout as a whole.

 3 Virtual Zoom classes per day for our members to jump on together and still workout as a community.

 Access to 5 High-Intensity, Strength Building classes including our Specialty Classes: Gymnastics & Core and Barbell Skillz to keep plenty of variety in your training program!

 Daily Mobility plan to keep you flexible, limber & pain free.

 Customised meal plans to follow so you can trim down those hips, tummy & thighs or build up those shoulders, chest & arms with more lean muscle. Physique change is built on a strong foundation of what's happening in the kitchen!

 Access to monthly Healthy Home recipes to keep your kitchen life spicy!


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Enter your details below and we'll be in contact!