Ready to shake things up?

May 4, 2022

 by Marty Skele

A new member signed up with us a few months ago because she noticed her fitness wasn’t what it used to be. 


She KNEW that she needed to do something. And rather than just letting “life happen” she decided to take control and do something about it. 


But (she would totally agree with me on this), when she first started, she wasn’t that into it, even when I pulled out all my favourite “fun” coach tricks!


Getting her workout done was just another thing to check off her to-do list.


BUT … that all changed when one day we started talking about how she used to be able to run 10km without stopping. I could see how excited she was getting, so we started putting in place a plan to help her get back to that … and she was on FIRE!


This is the power of having a goal that gets you excited – of something that adds value and fun to your life, and that has meaning!


What's ONE THING that’s a challenge for you – but that you’d LOVE to be able to do?  


Let your mind go and come up with something.


This is one of my favourite ways to turn new healthy habits into a real LIFESTYLE change… because these are the goals that directly impact your quality of life. 


The trick is to choose things that get you PUMPED UP and EXCITED …


Because this can spur you on to be more active … upgrade your food intake for more energy and vitality … and open yourself up to POSSIBILITY.


There’s an old saying, “When was the last time you did something for the first time?”


Today, just think about that. 


You don’t have to commit to anything (yet, haha). 


Let your mind explore those “what ifs” that have been in the back of your head over the past couple of years.


Because if not now … then WHEN?


I’d love to hear about YOUR goals … drop me a reply or let’s talk about it over in our Facebook group HERE


Make it an amazing day,

Marty Skele

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