My personal nighttime routine...

Sep 28, 2021

 by Marty Skele

It’s amazing how one little habit and mindset shift can turn everything around.


I’ve shared a couple of stories recently about morning routines.


I thought it’d be a good idea to talk a little bit about my nighttime routine! Because it plays a huge role in my life.


As a coach, I’m on the go A LOT. Some days are crazy busy, and they also can be pretty physically demanding.


And a lot of the time, I used to come home at night feeling WIPED OUT.


I’m all about keeping it real and transparent, and I thought it was important to share what USED to be my evening routine:


  • Open door.
  • Throw my bags on the counter.
  • Grab a pre-prepped meal from the fridge.
  • Nuke it.
  • Eat dinner, collapse on the couch.
  • Stay on the couch as much as possible till bedtime, occasionally checking my phone (and also on the family to make sure they were doing their things).


Super inspiring, right? (I kid – because these are definitely NOT #lifegoals!)


I was tired of having a “meh” night ...


Because I was so unproductive during the week, I ended up spending the weekends doing chores and getting caught up on everything.


So … one night after dinner I decided to spend 15 minutes getting ready for “tomorrow”, even though I didn’t feel like it. (I actually set a timer.)


Prep breakfast - check

Get my bag ready - check

Prep my lunch - check

Put a to-do list together or most important tasks to get done - check


Taking just those few minutes made a HUGE DIFFERENCE in my day. HUGE. Plus it made it SO much easier to stick to my morning routine.


Over time it was a total gamechanger. I’ve even added a few things since then:


  • Gratitude journal
  • 10 mins of mobility
  • 10 mins of reading


For me, with the whole world focused on the ultimate “start your day” routine, it is actually what I do at NIGHT that sets me up for success the next day.


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Make it an amazing night,

Marty Skele

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