Mocha Protein Latte recipe inside...

Mar 28, 2022

 by Marty Skele

I’ve got a surprisingly good-for-you recipe that’s perfect any time you want a little extra “kick” of energy (including before a workout). 


How does a mocha iced latte sound? (Answer: amazing)


Here’s why it’s surprisingly good for you – and why it’s a great pre-workout drink:

  • Carbs from the banana & honey give your muscles fuel
  • Whey Protein is a very high bio-available source which can help improve your workout performance & recovery
  • Caffeine from the coffee gives you energy to boost your performance


If you’re not familiar with protein powder, there are literally hundreds on the market now. I like TRUE WPI & TRUE collagen powder for a complete protein source. We stock it at CFC if you'd like to test drive it.


TIP: If you drink coffee in the morning, make a little extra and keep it in the fridge to use later in this recipe.


Mocha Iced Protein Latte

(serves 1)

½ cup brewed coffee

½ cup full cream milk

1 scoop chocolate TRUE whey protein isolate powder

1 medium-large frozen banana, sliced 

 ½-1 tblsp of raw honey


Place the coffee, milk and protein powder in a high-speed blender, cover, and blend well. Add the banana and honey & blend until smooth. If you want a thinner consistency, add a little extra milk!




I hope you love this recipe as much as I do.


Make it an amazing day,

Marty Skele

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