Is this why you skip your workouts?

Apr 22, 2022

 by Marty Skele

One of the top reasons people tell me they skip their workouts – or don’t work out at all! 

– is because they don’t have the energy.


Here’s a mind-blower for you: one of the best & easiest ways to get more energy fast is to WORK OUT.


But there’s one important caveat: When you're low on energy you have to work out the right way (more on that below).


All of this is backed by science. 


First, the WHY. There are three big reasons exercise – aka moving your body – helps you have more energy:


  1. It helps your body create energy at the cellular level – in the mitochondria of your cells. Exercise can help you create MORE mitochondria … as well as spur them to create even MORE energy. It’s like a 1-2 punch of energy!
  2. It boosts oxygen circulation inside your body, which helps your body use its energy more efficiently.
  3. Your body releases more feel-good hormones when you exercise.


The key to HOW to work out is to listen to your body!


Research shows that when you are feeling tired, it’s best to get up and MOVE at a low to moderate pace for 20-30 minutes.


This could be going for a walk, swim at the beach, a light bodyweight routine or a low effort CrossFit workout with us.


Don’t overthink it… just move!


Then, if you feel like doing more, by all means, have at it!


Or, call it a day and feel proud of yourself for GETTING IT DONE.


Research shows that the most important thing is to be CONSISTENT with your workouts. A couple of findings:


  • Doing regular, low-intensity exercise can help boost energy by 20% while cutting fatigue by as much as 65%.
  • On days when people walked MORE total daily steps, they ended the day with MORE energy than on the days when they walked less.


The BEST workout programs actually ADD energy to your days vs. draining your energy.


Our programming at CrossFit Caloundra is aimed at helping people who value their health & fitness, providing a blueprint of how to develop a far-reaching fitness capacity that will help you live longer, look better and give you heaps of energy! Want to know more? Just GO HERE


Make it an amazing day,

Marty Skele

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