Ice As a Hormetic Stressor

Sep 14, 2021

 by Marty Skele
Why would you EVER want to jump into a tub filled with freezing cold water?! 
It has something to do with the old saying, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger”. 
Science is revealing that (at least in some situations), this saying is surprisingly accurate.
What we’re talking about is “hormesis”. Which is a short, intermittent burst of stress on your body which can trigger a cascade of cellular processes that enhance your overall health, slow the ageing process and make you more resilient to future stress (mental and physical). 
Cold Water Immersion (CWI) aka ice baths are just one of those activities that are classed as a Hormetic Stressor and can trigger a floodgate of effects like:
  • Mood-enhancing chemicals to help you better cope with the daily stress of life
  • Anti-inflammatory cytokines that reduce anxiety, depression and bodily pain
  • Antioxidants and detoxifications enzymes to minimise the ageing process inside your cells
The positive benefits of CWI don’t stop there! 
Done regularly, you will also see an increase in your immune T-cells which will help you mount a stronger defence to fight off foreign invaders.
You will also activate and build up the brown-fat throughout your body, which is some of the most metabolically active tissue you have - meaning you burn more calories and stay leaner.
So there you have it, some very powerful reasons for you to give CWI a try and reap the benefits! 
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Make it an icy day!

Marty Skele

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