Go Hard or go home!

Aug 23, 2021

 by Marty Skele

Here’s something you might be surprised to know if your social media feed is anything like mine.


The “doing more is better” exercise mindset is NOT the fastest path to your results.


In fact, for some people, it’s a path to setbacks and frustration. Especially if you have responsibilities … like a career, family, home, pets, etc!


It’s true: the idea of “go hard or go home” might be exciting at first when motivation and adrenaline is high.


But a few weeks later? Not so much. Exercise is just another stressor to your system which I can guarantee is copping it from plenty of other sources too.


This way of thinking and acting can leave you tired, sore, worn out and even more unmotivated! All that extra stress can actually work AGAINST you.


There IS a better path.


Try this:

  • Listen to your body’s cues.
  • Start taking simple notes on your sleep quantity and quality each morning upon waking. How many hours and how restful it was. If you see it sliding to slide in the direction of less restful even with 7.5+ hours of sleep, then you know it's probably time to prioritise a few more recovery days.
  • Don't go as hard as possible every single training session in the gym. Schedule in certain days of the week where you will push harder and other days where you will just move and get a light sweat on. This is great to support recovery between hard sessions!
  • Build a simple and easy breath work routine into each day. This has been shown to have tremendous benefit to your stress levels and helping you calm your nervous system. (Shoot me a reply and I'll give you a good starting routine)
  • Drink 0.3x your bodyweight in purified water every day. All that training stress creates metabolic byproducts that need to be flushed! 
  • Eat the right combo of nutrient-dense foods that support your body’s needs AND goals (I'm partial toward an animal-based plan but whatever works for you).
  • Get early morning sun on your body and eyes as often as you can. This will do wonders for your natural sleep-wake cycle and for optimising your recovery hormones. 


The best thing about these? Even just implementing one of them into your life will have a profound effect on your recovery. 


The saying should instead be "train smart, recover hard!"


Let me know if you're using any of the above strategies at the moment and how they're doing for you.


Make it an amazing day,

Marty Skele 


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