Doing these 2 things will supercharge your RESULTS!

Dec 27, 2021

 by Marty Skele
Are you achieving your fitness goals?
If not, it may be because you haven't written them down. 
This new year and new month, I challenge you to pick one goal and write it down. Think about something you’d like to accomplish, and instead of letting the idea flow in and out of your head, pick up a pen and write it down.
Writing down goals helps in two ways. 
  • First, looking at a visual reminder of your goal every day keeps it top of mind.
  • Second, writing helps with encoding, the process by which our brain decides what gets stored in our long-term memory and what gets discarded.
People who describe or write down their goals are 1.2 to 1.4 times more likely to accomplish them!
After writing down your goal, think through the steps you’ll need to take to make it happen. 
Let’s say you want to exercise early morning four days a week for a month. What do you have to do to accomplish that? Write down all the ideas that come to mind.
  • It might be setting out your gym clothes the night before,
  • Committing to an earlier bedtime,
  • Or asking a friend to hold you accountable.
Now here's the next IMPORTANT step.
Once you have all the behaviours written down that could get you moving toward your goal - Isolate the ONE thing that you think would be the most powerful to you and focus ONLY on doing that for 2-4 weeks.
Doing this will ensure you don't get overwhelmed or distracted and you will be able to effectively TEST & MEASURE if what you're doing is working. 
Remember the 80/20 Rule (also know as the Pareto Principle), that 20 percent of your activities will account for 80 percent of your results.
Find the ONE thing that will have the biggest push to get you toward your goals and do JUST THAT.
Tell me what you’d like to accomplish, maybe I can help.
Make it an amazing year,

Marty Skele

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