A fat-shedding, energy-boosting plan that actually works!

Jan 10, 2022

 by Marty Skele

We just started a brand-new year and the possibilities are ENDLESS. 


Congrats, if you’ve taken action toward your goals. 


Most people have the best intentions, but for whatever reason, don’t end up taking even that FIRST step. 


I get it! It can be overwhelming to get started and life can get busy. 


Plus - if you add January 19th (aka “quitter’s day” - the day most people give up on their New Year goals) to the mix, achieving your 2022 goals can seem even more out of reach. 


But NOT THIS YEAR … because I have you covered.


I created a special program for busy people who struggle to get consistent weight loss … 


Men and women who CARE about their health and who want to get off the merry-go-round of new programs, plans, tricks, “insider tips,” and hacks …


And most of all, who want to FINALLY get the results they are looking for once and for all.


Chances are, you’ve already tried a lot of things to make that happen …


… but no matter how hard you try, you just end up feeling deflated … and DEFEATED.




I’m going to get real here … and explode the truth about why most people fail at becoming lean and healthy. 


When you understand WHY the failure happens, it actually can help you SUCCEED.


It’s because they try and do too much too quickly.


When you try and overhaul everything at once, NOTHING gets overhauled.


It's like trying to cook 5 meals in the kitchen at the same time ...


Unless you have some skills at cooking and have practiced regularly, this would soon turn into a food disaster! 


Same thing goes when you're trying to change your health & physique. When you try and overhaul everything at once, NOTHING gets overhauled.


That’s why I created our 30-Day Best Shape Of Your Life Challenge for 2022


It gives you everything you need to focus on the few, select things that will move the needle in the right direction without overloading you. 


Here’s just SOME of what the Challenge includes:

  • Strength & fitness classes at CrossFit Caloundra so you can start revving your metabolism ASAP
  • 1-on-1 training sessions with a trainer to build your skill, technique and confidence in the gym
  • Simple, delicious, results-oriented meal plan so you can give your body the nutrition it needs without feeling deprived
  • Accountability to someone so you stay the path for the Challenge duration! 


I absolutely know you are going to love this program – and especially the RESULTS you'll get!


That’s why I am offering my 100% Happiness Guarantee – if you follow this program and don’t get results, I will refund every cent.


If you’re ready to rediscover your youthful energy and finally get off that merry go round to nowhere, click the link below.




Committed to Your Success,

Marty Skele 


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