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When choosing which gym to train at, it is important to understand that CrossFit is not a franchise and the service you receive can be very different from one gym to the next.

Why choose CrossFit Caloundra over a traditional gym, or other CrossFit affiliate?

Here’s why we think you should be training at CrossFit Caloundra Gym on the Sunshine Coast.

1. We place the highest priority on teaching you correct technique and keeping you injury free. Yes you could injure yourself doing CrossFit (so could you doing any form of training),┬ábut only if you do things your body isn’t capable of with poor technique. At CrossFit Caloundra we’ll GIVE you a free assessment when you join. We’ll show you exactly what your body is capable of doing. If you’re not ready for CrossFit – we’ll tell you because we care!

2. Anyone can start a CrossFit gym simply by doing a 2-day seminar held over a weekend. You won’t find that here. Owned and operated by Exercise Physiologists (exercise science uni-degree) that have remedial massage qualifications. You’ll see that our coaches are professional, passionate about on-going learning and care massively about you achieving your goals in the safest way possible.

3. We have close to 16 years experience in the health & fitness industry getting people like you RESULTS. Our coaches live and breathe CrossFit on a daily basis from training through to eating. You have the option of doing beginner Foundations Sessions, 1 on 1 Personal Training, Transformation Challenges or just plain CrossFit Classes to get you the results you’re after.

Why you should train at CrossFit Caloundra Gym Sunshine Coast

4. We have a very structured training plan with different goals and cycles designed to get ‘our’ specific group of members the fittest, strongest most healthiest versions of themselves in the fastest, safest way possible. Everyone can do the daily WOD (workout of the day) because we will show you scaled down “lighter” versions of the exercises that are designed to help you progress efficiently. So everyone including you, can do a version of the daily WOD no matter where your fitness, strength or co-ordination level is.

5. Our CrossFit gym is 500 square meters in size! Gone are the days of training in a stuffy, cramped shed the size of your bedroom. Come and see what a fully equipped, state of the art CrossFit facility looks and feels like.

Members of CrossFit Caloundra Gym on the Sunshine Coast

6. We are one of only three Queensland Weightlifting Association (QWA) registered gyms on the Sunshine Coast. If learning the skill of weightlifting is your thing, come and be coached by those that actually know how to teach it correctly. You can even join on our Darkside Barbell Club only membership and do just our weightlifting workout.


7. We don’t run our classes like a military bootcamp and we’re not all stuck up freak athletes making you feel intimidated. Yes we have some very strong and fit people in our gym both young and old, but we’re all super friendly and encouraging. We LIKE to have fun! We do the hard work when we need to but know how to let loose and have a good time also! If you’re a bit intimidated about trying CrossFit trust us when we say you’ll look back after you do a few classes with us and think to yourself ‘what was I even worried about’!

8. Can’t do CrossFit because you’ve got the kids? We have the solution. We have an awesome space for your kids to enjoy while you get your workout done. We have supervised Creche Monday to Friday at the 9.15am class. No excuses now, come in and try it out!

Kids creche Gym Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast

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