Thursday WOD 30/11/17

General Warm Up
10m Gymnastics bear crawl
10 Kneeling t-spine rotations
10m Gymnastics bear crawl
5 Puppy dog into active push up hold (hold each for 10s)
20m Cartwheels

Specific Warm Up
5 PVC dip & hold
5 PVC dip-drive slow
5 PVC dip-drive fast
5 PVC full push press

15 Push press (empty bar)
5 Push press (light load)
5 Push press (heavier load)
3 Push press (heavier load)
3 Push press (heavier load)
1 Push press (heavier load)
1 Push press (first work set load)

Push press 1-10-1-20-1-30 reps

Met Con
For time:
27-21-15 reps of
GHD sit up
Hollow rock (arms overhead)

Every time you break complete 15 burpees

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