Our coaches are at the top of their field within the CrossFit community here in Caloundra on the Sunshine Coast and pride themselves in their professionalism, coaching and individual athletic abilities. The term “Practice What You Preach” is not thrown around lightly here at Camp CrossFit Caloundra and our coaches would never make you do something they could not do themselves.

Marty Skele (Co-Owner & Head Coach)
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Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself
I was born into the fitness industry. My parents owned and operated two of the first gym/fitness/squash clubs on the Sunshine Coast through the late 80’s and 90’s. Through my childhood this was all I knew and I loved it. My earliest memories were of being at the gym looking into the aerobics classes, the music blaring with 80’s hits and all these fit people jumping around in hot fluro! I’d then wander over to the weights area with all the big guys pumping iron and remember I wanted to be just like them.

Why did you choose to become a CrossFit coach?
To be honest I fell in love with the programming of CrossFit, especially the Weightlifting. When I was still a PT in a regular gym we started weightlifting and doing the CrossFit WODs then it was just a natural progression to move out and start our own CrossFit gym helping others.

Favorite WOD or Exercise?
I like the Barbell. Anything lifting I enjoy the challenge of maintaining form and pace. Snatch has always had a special place in my heart too.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your coaching?
My main influences early on were my parents. If it weren’t for them I wouldn’t be doing what I’m doing today. I’ve learnt from so many coaches since and still am!

What’s your favorite food to eat?
I do like food. Last meal on earth would probably be slow cooked beef, crispy potato bake and beer.

What’s your favorite beer to drink?
I like most beers but I’m partial to a nice Pale Ale at the moment.

What’s your favorite holiday destination?
I love Bali. Any holiday is a good thing to me.

Who’s your favorite CrossFit girl or guy?
I entered into CrossFit around the time of Chris Spealler, Graham Holmburg, Jason Khalipa, Pat Barber, Mikko Salo, Annie Thorisdottir, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet & the almighty Rich Froning. All of these guys I admire massively for their dedication and drive to compete at the highest levels of the Sport.

Bachelor Degree in Sport & Exercise Science (QLD)
CrossFit Level 2 Trainer
Precision Nutrition L1 Certified
Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy (QLD)
Active Release Technique (ART) trained
Level 2 Strength and Conditioning (ASCA)
Level 1 Weightlifting/Sports Power Coach (AWF)
CrossFit Gymnastics Trainer
CrossFit Scaling Course
Level 1 & 2 Pendlay Olympic Weightlifting certified
Selective Functional Movement Assessment (SFMA) qualified

Eli Butler (Coach)

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself
Eli, (not elijah) Butler. Raised on the Sunshine Coast!
Worked in the health and fitness industry for 7+ years between commercial gyms, supplement shops and now a CrossFit box. previously a chronic gym head wanting more from of myself in terms of what I can do and how I perform as an individual. When not training, either drinking coffee or trying to be less lame by riding my motorbike between coffee shops….

Why did you choose to become a CrossFit coach?
Continuing my love of teaching people to better themselves, sharing information they may not otherwise get. Being the gateway to better ideals, healthier thoughts and happier lives for others. To be honest I like CrossFit for what it is and what it represents but the community sold me, next level to anything I’ve been a part of before.

Favourite WOD or Exercise?
Close battle between deadlift and squat
Clean is a close third due to underlying complexity it has and the fact that it eludes me so. Probably deadlifts though.
Not Fran…
Honestly couldn’t pick one, but on paper Linda would be my best as its some of my better lifts all in one WOD.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your coaching?
I’m inspired by anybody that is willing to share their knowledge with no intention of gaining from it, a true educator. Anybody passionate enough to speak their mind and their desires in the face of adversity.
People by name: Layne Norton, Steve Cook, Marty Skele.
Personal desire for better health and well being for myself and others. Passion for showing others what they are capable of, teaching new ways and changing the thoughts of those who think they’re stuck where they are.

What’s your favourite food to eat?
Chicken schnitzel all day everyday!

What’s your favourite beer to drink?
Water because it’s the coolest.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Japan, snow fields.

Who’s your favourite CrossFit girl or guy?
Sara Sigmundsdottir. Cliché I know but Froning is who had me looking into the community of CrossFit (mirin on that physique).

Cert 3 & 4 Fitness
Cert 3 in Athlete Support
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
CrossFit Judges course
Bachelor of Sport & Exercise Science (currently completing)
Bachelor of Nutrition Dietetics (currently completing)

Keven Connors (Coach)
Keven conners crossfit caloundra coach sunshine coast

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself
Keven Connors, I may sound a little bit different to you lot (personally I don’t hear it) so if you can’t understand me, just tell me to speak a little slower. I am originally from the UK, me, my partner and our dog moved over in October 2015 and we love it!!! I have been involved in sport ever since I can remember and If I’m honest I’ve always had a very competitive nature. At around 16 my competitiveness could not be as well backed up as I would have liked due to the fact i was a little overweight. This is when I decided to get myself to a gym and start to take a little better care of myself. I’ve pretty much never looked back, although my style and training development has changed ALOT since then.

Why did you choose to become a CrossFit coach?
It was quite a long process for me, At the time I was a full time P.E teacher in a primary school, I was also taking a few group fitness, boxing type classes at my gym as a little bit of a hobbie. I was at point that I needed a change of career and the gym i trained at asked me if I wanted to become a PT and group trainer full time. I pretty much said yes that day and started a new journey.
My gym put up a couple of the benchmark WODS on our wall so I decided to have a go! At the time I had no idea what a lot of these movements were. (my first Karen was a sit up and throw against the wall with a med ball, google didn’t know what a wall ball was then).
After doing a few of these I quickly realised that doing bicep curls and leg presses in the mirror was pretty boring and I was getting no real change from it. Crossfit had me intrigued, I took the Crossfit level 1 course and pretty much never looked back, I starting training all my clients in my new found format and the results and enjoyment followed.

Favorite WOD or Exercise?
Give a long endurance WOD any day. I’ve recently enjoyed Murph and Triple 3 lately. I just really enjoy the pacing and the mental battle with that type of workout. (Being a footballer I’m used to working hard for 90 minutes). Anyone at the box would probably say a burpee or a pull up for me but I really enjoy the Squat Clean, such a powerful and technical movement. Rope climbs are good fun too.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your coaching?
Crossfit, before Crossfit I played football and did slow lifts in the gym, my style has 100% changed and I just think the diversity in this style of training is amazing. There is just so much to work on which keeps you going.
Marty, has been a big influence on my training style, my coaching has improved so much since working with him as a member and a coach but he also taught me the importance of mobility within your training, which is one of the biggest difference to overall performance I’ve seen from myself and members. Also it’s pretty inspiring seeing members achieve something they have worked so hard for.

What’s your favorite food to eat?
I have a big sweet tooth, chocolate, brownie, sweets (lollies I’m from the uk!!) I try to stay away now. I do miss a good Chinese meal from back home though. Salt and pepper chicken wings!!!

What’s your favorite beer to drink?
Xxxx Summer Bright. Not sure it’s my absolute favourite but it’s always my go to, refreshing.

What’s your favorite holiday destination?
Considering my life is now lived in pretty much the most amazing holiday destination I have been too I’m going to say the Sunshine Coast. BUT Cancun will always leave a lasting memory for me, me and Ceri had one of the greatest 2 week of our lives in that place so I always say Cancun.

Who’s your favorite CrossFit girl or guy?
Froning was the one that really got me hooked to the sport. He is awesome at most things, but his pacing of workouts is what gets me. He is behind all way through, leaves you thinking there
is no way he will catch up, then other competitors tire he will keep the same speed and cruise past
Dan Bailey has always been a favourite of mine, hopefully he will make the games again soon. And also really enjoy watching Tia Toomey she is just so consistent and humble. Great to see.

Cert 3 & 4 fitness
Crossfit Level 1
CrossFit Spot the Fault online course
CrossFit POSE running online course
CrossFit Judge online course
Level 1 Strength and Conditioning (UKSCA)
Level 3 teaching and assessor (PTTLS, TAQA)
Gymnastics level foundation Level 1 (BAGA)
FA Football Coaching Level 2

Sheridan Heuston (Co-Owner)

Who are you? Tell us a little about yourself
I’m a mum, partner and fierce animal lover. I grew up in a very competitive sporting environment loving all forms of sport and exercise. I spent most of my childhood free time either at the pool swim training or at the beach for Surf Life Saving training.

Why did you choose to become a CrossFit coach?
I studied a Bachelor of Social Science majoring in Geography and Urban Planning but fell in love with all things CrossFit when I met Marty and haven’t looked back!

Favorite WOD or Exercise?
The technical complexity and explosiveness of the snatch will always have my heart.

Who or what inspires you and what has been the main influence to your coaching?
At a time when I was snacking on maccas most days I was lucky enough to meet Marty who introduced me to this thing we call ‘CrossFit”. It’s our life now and I love the life I lead so obviously my biggest influence would be Marty. I’m so grateful to be ale to wake up every day and do something that I love and that never feels like work. The amazing people who walk though the gym doors everyday, that I now call my friends, make each coaching day a good one.

What’s your favourite food to eat?
I don’t know if I have ONE favourite food but steak, pizza, and hot chips are among my favs.

What’s your favourite beer to drink?
Hmm I like most dry beers but usually opt for a glass of red instead.

What’s your favourite holiday destination?
Maybe its something to do the with B’s? Bali and Byron Bay take the cake. The vibe in both of these places is such a refreshing change.

Who’s your favourite CrossFit girl or guy?
Although I admire many of the male athletes, I relate more to the females. In the early days I fell in love with Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, not only for her incredible athleticism but also because she always had a smile on her face and handled defeat with grace and charisma. My latest idol is our very own Aussie, Tia-Clair Toomey. Even though she’s placed second fittest in the world two years in a row now, she’s still considered an underdog. I believe this can only come from her humble and carefree attitude.

Bachelor Degree in Social Science (Geography & Human Planning)
CrossFit Judges online course
Senior First Aid