Personal Coaching

What’s the difference between a commercial gym membership and CrossFit you might ask? Commercial gyms offer a low price point to lock you into a long term contract then you’re on your own. They offer no on-going support to keep you focused. In fact, they focus mainly on getting you to join but care very little about giving you a quality experience that actually delivers RESULTS!

CrossFit on the other hand:

– Provides a high quality training program that is individualised to your skill level, injury status and comfort level;
– Gives you access to highly qualified and experienced coaches that actually care about you making progress;
– Is a community based exercise program that gives you motivation and support each time you step into the gym.

That is what every member receives at CrossFit Caloundra.

If you’re after some more personal attention to supercharge your fitness goals, we have expert coaches available to work with you one on one. Our coaches have changed the lives of many people, just like you, and they’re here to help.

Eli Butler

$88 per 60 mins
$66 per 45 mins
$44 per 30 mins

Strength development
Fat loss
Muscle gain

For more info about Eli, click HERE

Marty Skele
IMG_5576 copy

$88 per 60 mins
$66 per 45 mins
$44 per 30 mins

Food coaching
Competitive CrossFit programming
Injury rehabilitation

For more info about Marty, click HERE

Please note: Discounts are available for bulk purchases.

Personal Coaching is the best way to provide you with education and accountability to achieve your long term health and fitness goals. To enquire about CrossFit Caloundra Personal Coaching, simply submit the form below and you will hear back from us within 24 hours.

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