Monday WOD 08/01/18

General Warm Up
4 rounds alternate with a partner or 2
100m Row with pause @ 11 o’clock on recovery

Specific Warm Up
10 KB swings russian
5 KB swings american
5 KB single arm high swings
5 KB snatches (light load)
5 KB snatches (heavier load)
5 KB snatches (workout load)

4 Hanging foot locks (arms outstretched)
4 Hanging foot lock to stands
2-3 rounds of
1 Rope climb – focus on arms straight bringing knees to elbows for high lock

Met Con
5 rounds for time of:
12 Kettlebell snatches, left-arm 24/16kg
12 Kettlebell snatches, right-arm 24/16kg
3 Rope climbs
250m Row
Rest 3 mins

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