Friday WOD 01/12/17

General Warm Up
GAME: Over/under ball

2 rounds
5 Squat to stands with OH reach (hold for 5s)
10 Standing t-spine rotations
5 Rollovers into straddle (hold for 10s)

Specific Warm Up
5 PVC down & finish
5 PVC high & outside
5 PVC hang muscle clean
5 PVC hang power clean 4″
5 Hang power clean (empty bar)
5 Hang power clean (light load)
5 Hang power clean (workout load)

Alternate the following for 2 rounds:
5 Bar taps
5 Wall ball push press
5 Beat swings
5 Wall ball push press throw to target
5 C2B pull ups or scaled option
5 Full wall balls

Met Con
5 rounds for time:
5 Hang power cleans 80/52.5kg
10 C2B Pull ups
15 Wall balls 9/6kg, 10/9′

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