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Why you should start at CrossFit Caloundra TODAY!

• You’ll feel excited to train because our workouts are fun, challenging and something different every day

• You’ll learn correct techniques from our experienced coaches to keep your progress safe and effective

• You’ll have fun with a group of friendly, motivated people who support and encourage you. This is the community at CFC!

• You’ll want to train regularly because you’ll see fast results in strength, fitness and body shape

• You’ll have access to an eating program that’s not restrictive or a fad, but just quietly gets you leaner and more muscular

• You’ll be fitter, stronger and more flexible than you’ve ever been before

• You can put the kids in our supervised crèche everyday while you get a great workout – Free for our members!

• At CrossFit Caloundra you’re not just a member… you become a training partner and a great friend


—– Can Anyone Do CrossFit?

Yes! Anyone and everyone can do a version of our Daily Workout.

Super un-fit? No worries.

We’ll start you on our base level program to build you up.

Got some fitness background? Great.

You’ll be able to bring that fitness into our CrossFit workouts to help you get even better!

We have any and every level of fitness at the gym, often all in the same session encouraging each other!

—– What Results Can I Expect From CrossFit?

Our members start shedding excess fat & building strength/fitness as soon as they start.

The type of movements we’ll coach you in will powerfully engage your whole body – especially your core (hello abs). Your strength and fitness will climb very quickly. Within 30 days of consistent training you will be seeing results.

– Would you like to improve your fitness so you can jump, climb and play with your kids for longer?

– Want to get stronger so you can move better in life?

– Gradually lose weight and get leaner & more muscular so you look good on the beach?


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