CFC Performance Squad

The CrossFit Caloundra Performance Squad has been created for those athletes who wish to improve their strength & fitness quicker, hone in their technique and compete more seriously in the sport of CrossFit (ie. regularly doing competitions).

CFCPS is all about EXTRAS. EXTRA programming on-top of the Daily WOD to help build your:

1. Weightlifting skill, strength & efficiency
2. Gymnastic skill, strength & efficiency
3. Metabolic Conditioning ability and workload
4. Mobility

You’ll be added to our CFCPS Facebook group where we’ll share tips, videos etc to help you in your training plus any questions you have about training, programming will be answered

A minimum of 8-12 months of regular CrossFit training
An attitude that encompasses the following traits: Coachable, hungry, confident, positive

This extra programming will fit in very seamlessly with the daily WOD and can be completed in any of the daily classes, after the class (30-45 min window available most days) or in Open Gym time. You could even split it up into 2x day training (AM & PM).

PS programming is an extra $50/month on top of your regular membership at CFC.

– A minimum of 4x training sessions/week. This should be your frequency NOW in the daily classes.
– The programming will be of an Intermediate to Advanced level. We expect you to be a solid “Level 2” Athlete on our Athletic Skills. No you don’t have to have passed all of Level 2 but you should be well over 50% of the requirements.
– That all members must be “coachable”. The daily extras included in PS are what you will be doing. It’s not a free pass to start making up your own WODs, drills, skill work and start going for it. If this is happening then you will be expelled from PS. (Do this in Open Gym).
– You must place the highest value on achieving technical proficiency in all movements and understand that this is the key to success in this sport.
– You must respect our program and understand that the ‘CFC Performance Squad’ is exactly that. A squad of people all completing the extra programming together and helping each other achieve greatness.
– Understand that the daily class holds priority on equipment/space etc if you’re completing any extras during the daily class and that the class is using
– The last thing we want in the box is a “separation” between members that are doing PS and those that are not. PS is solely here for those of you that want AND have the time to do the extra programming to build your strength and skills quicker (for the ultimate goal of competition performance). It’s not a ticket to say you’re better than anyone else or more awesome at doing muscle ups. Everyone that trains at CFC is equal in their motivation and deservingness to be coached to their full potential, whatever that may be.

If you’re interested in joining the CFCPS, email Marty at