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WOD – Thursday 160812

We’ll have plenty of scaling options for everyone on this WOD so if you’re thinking it’s too much harden up and come in and at least have a go at a scaled version – remember there’s no shame in scaling!

For time:

Run 1600m

150 Double unders (sub 300 single unders)

50 Burpees

Run 800m

100 Double unders (sub 200 single unders)

35 Burpees

Run 400m

50 Double unders (sub 100 single unders)

20 Burpees

Check out the last 400m time! Simply amazing after 4.6km already run! Continue reading “WOD – Thursday 160812” »

WOD – Wednesday 150812

Recovery and Skills:

Part A. Warm up Mobility circuit (will be posted at gym)

Part B. 7 mins of KB swing practice (use heavier than you normally would for sets of 10 reps)

7 mins of Strict Toes 2 Bar practice (will have scaling options at gym)

Part C. 5 rounds for time:

10 KB swings (using heavier than you would normally use KB)

10 Strict Toes 2 Bar

Happy Birthday Julie Sunderland! Hope you have an amazing day! You have achieved so much on your health and fitness journey and I’m super excited to see so many more of your achievements. Continue reading “WOD – Wednesday 150812” »

WOD – Monday 130812


3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3, 3

Inbetween every set perform 2 broad jumps (1st to warm up then 2nd max distance)

Rest 90s after broad jump before next deadlift

This video is so good! So many good cues for technique. 1. Back stays flat even when he is at his max weight 2. He gets himself tight (notice how much he is squeezing every muscle in his body before he lifts 3. He draws a huge breath before lift off 4. He kicks his shoes off when he gets to his max sets – less rubber between his feet and the ground means better activation of foot, ankle, knee and hip muscles 5. He loads his hamstrings and glutes just before he lifts (watch the little hip kick) to get all the big muscles down the back side of his body firing 6. He’s having fun! Lifting heavy weight is fun! Continue reading “WOD – Monday 130812” »

WOD Saturday – 110812



20 Pullups

30 Pushups

40 Situps

50 Squats

Rest for 3 mins

Repeat for 5 Rounds

Todays metcon is for Barb Nugents 40th B’day. Happy Birthday Barb! Our present to you is the 40 situps for every year you’ve been alive, enjoy!!

Behind the scences with the worlds fastest human. An awesome reminder that champions are made, not born. Continue reading “WOD Saturday – 110812” »

WOD Friday – 100812


Part A

Complete 5 Rounds for total time of

6 Hang Power Cleans (50kg/35kg)

12 Ring Rows

100m Overhead Plate Carry (20kg/10kg)

Rest 30 seconds

* You may only advance your position in the plate carry when the plate is overhead

Part B

Complete 2 x Max Effort 500m Rows for time with as much rest as needed between efforts

Your slowest 500m Row time will be added to Part A to give you your final time for the workout.

The Paleo lifestyle in a nutshell!

WOD Tuesday – 070812

After a massive workout with Linda yesterday, todays session will focus on helping your body to speed up the recovery process, and get the most out of your training for the remainder of the week. Its also a good reminder of what a good rest day should look like.

Active Recovery Circuit

1. Thoracic Mobs on Roller 15

2. Kneeling Quadruped Extension/Rotation 8/a

3. Wall Hip Flexor Mob 15/leg

4. Warrior Lunge with Overhead Reach 8/l

5. Yoga Push-up 8

6. Walking Spiderman with Hip Lift 5/l

7. Squat to Stand with Thoracic Rotation 5/a

Repeat for 3 Rounds


5 Attempts to find max broad jump

15 Mins HSPU skill work

complete 3 sets of 3-5 Reps at appropriate progression.

Sir Charles Barkley does CrossFit!!! Continue reading “WOD Tuesday – 070812” »