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Friday WOD 22/09/17

General Warm Up
3 cycles of:
100m Run
10 Walk lunge with a twist
10 Wide grip beat swings

Double Under Warm Up
20 Single unders – 10 left leg, 10 right leg x 2
3 Single unders + 1 Double under + 3 Single unders x 2
2 Single unders + 2 Double unders + 2 Single unders x 2
30s of DU attempts
Attempt the following in unbroken sets: 5-10-15-20-15-10-5 Scale: 2mins of practice/attempts

Snatch Warm Up
PVC Burgener

C2B Warm Up
5 Beat swings
5 Hip pop swings
5 Paused kipping pull ups
5 C2B pull ups

Met Con
2017 Team Series Event 2
In MM, FF or mixed teams complete for time:
120 double-unders, each, relay
120 Chest-to-bar pull-ups, total, sets of 15
120 Hang power snatches, total, sets of 15, 42.5/30kg
120 double-unders, each, relay

Thursday WOD 21/09/17

General Warm Up
Cat/cow, 15 reps
Down dog/cobra, 10 reps
Mobility burpees, 5 reps
Lizard hold, 8 breaths
Deep squat hold and freestyle, 90s (ankles, overhead twists etc)

Ring Muscle Up Warm Up
Complete 3-5 reps at the 3 positions you will be completing

Thruster Warm Up
In teams:
5 Syncro push press (hips open before arms press)
5 Syncro front squats (pause in bottom of squat for 2s)
5 Syncro thrusters (empty bar)
5 Syncro thrusters (light load)
5 Syncro thrusters (workout load)

3-Position Paused ring muscle up 2-2-2-2-2-2 reps

Met Con
2017 Team Series Event 1
In MM, FF or MF teams complete 9-15-21 reps for time of:
Syncro thrusters 42.5/30kg
Syncro bar-facing burpees

Wednesday WOD 20/09/17

General Warm Up
Rowing drills
10 Back and arms only
10 Legs only
10 Pause at 1 oclocks
10 Tempo row (2s drive 1s pause 4s recovery)

Push Press Warm Up
5 PVC Dip & hold
5 PVC Dip & drive slow
5 PVC Dip & drive fast
5 PVC Full push press
5 Push press (light load)
5 Push press (heavier load)
5 Push press (workout load)

Met Con
2016 Team Series Event 3
In teams of 4 complete for reps:
5 minutes of Rowing
5 minutes of Push presses 52.5/35kg
There is no rest between exercises

In same partners complete 50 syncro T2B for time

Tuesday WOD 19/09/17

Wrist work 5/side
Shoulder 3 way 2/side
Brettzel 5 slow breaths/side
Cross-shin pulses 5/side
Cossack squat 5/side
8 Wall scap slides
Xover band OHS 5 slow

Specific Warm Up
5 Tempo OHS 525 (empty bar) pause in bottom position
5 OHS (light load)
5 OHS (heavier load)
5 OHS (heavier load)
5 OHS (heavier load)

Overhead squat 5-5-5-5-5 reps

60 GHD hip extensions

Monday WOD 18/09/17

General Warm Up (barefoot)
Warm up flex routine – practical

Specific Warm Up
Basic running technique routine

Met Con
4 rounds, each for time of:
800m run
Rest as needed between efforts. Around 1:1 would work well.

Those that finish early complete:
5 rounds of
10 Slow weighted ab mat sit up
10 Hollow rocks

Friday WOD 15/09/17

General Warm Up
In 2-3s row 100m each for 3 rounds
5 Hand walkouts
10 PVC banded deadlifts
8 Xover 90/90s
5/side KB suitcase deadlift

Deadlift Warm Up
5 Tempo deadlifts 515 (empty bar)
5 Normal speed deadlifts (empty bar)
3 Deadlifts (light load)
3 Deadlifts (heavier load)
3 Deadlifts (heavier load)
3 Deadlifts (heavier load)
3 Deadlifts (heavier load)

Strict Press Warm Up
5 Tempo strict press 515 (empty bar)
5 Normal speed press (empty bar)
4 Press (light load)
4 Press (heavier load)
4 Press (heavier load)
4 Press (heavier load)

Deadlift 3-3-3-3-3 reps
Strict press 4-4-4-4-4 reps

Thursday WOD 14/09/17

General Warm Up (barefoot)
2 rounds
10m Skipping high knees into 10m jog
10 Calf pumps
10m Foot tapping into 10m jog
5 Rollovers into sit to stand
10m Toes in and out into 10m jog
5 PVC shoulder curls (face down on floor)

Specific Warm Up
7 PVC front squats (knees out/elbows high)
7 PVC OHS (active shoulders)
200m Run
5 Front squat (empty barbell)
5 OHS (empty barbell)
200m Run
5 OHS (light load)
5 OHS (workout load)

Met Con
5 rounds for time of:
400m run
15 Overhead squats 42.5/30kg

Wednesday WOD 13/09/17

General Warm Up
3 rounds
60s Peanut through spine
5 Slow 6-count burpees (emphasize hamstrings/shoulders/cobra/deep squat)
5 Wall squats arms overhead

Specific Warm Up
2 rounds (increase weight each round then begin your triples at workout load)
5/arm single arm overhead squats (no weight)
5/arm dumbbell power snatch
5/arm dumbbell OHS
3/arm dumbbell squat snatch

Dumbbell squat snatch 3-3-3-3-3 reps

Met Con
Complete as many rounds as possible in 10 minutes of:
10 Dumbbell power snatches 25/15kg
10 Burpees

Tuesday WOD 12/09/17

General Warm Up
In partners row 150m efforts of:
Just legs
Just lean
Legs & lean
one partner row, other:
15 PVC half dislocates
15 PVC extensions
10 PVC slow deadlifts

EMOM Warm Up
15 Hollow rocks
10 Pull up active shoulders
5 Active shoulders into knees to arms
3 Strict Pull ups

12 min EMOM:
X Strict pull ups & X Strict T2B

Met Con
For time:
Row 250 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 1,000 meters
Row 500 meters
Row 250 meters
If working in partners, rest what it takes for each partner to complete each effort.

Monday WOD 11/09/17

General Warm Up
In teams of 2-3 alternate 5 cals each on bike for a total of 45 cals. Go hard.

Specific Warm Up
PVC Burgener Clean
Then with an empty bar
2 Squat cleans (choose high hang/launch or floor based on experience >12mths work from floor)
2 Paused thrusters (pause in squat)
2 Front squats
2 Push jerks
Then with a light load
2 Squat cleans
2 Thrusters
2 Front squats
2 Push jerks
Then with a heavier load
1 Squat clean
1 Thruster
1 Front squat
1 Push jerk

Squat clean/Thruster/Front squat/Push jerk 1-1-1-1-1 reps

Met Con
10 Rounds for time:
Strength complex @ 80% of your heaviest load for the day