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Athlete of the Month – September!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for September – Candice-Rae Torney!
Athlete of the month September Crossfit Caloundra

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
Candice-Rae May Torney and I’m 35 years young! Growing up my nicknames where Yorkie, RaeMay, Shorty and Candie. Nowadays I’m called Mum/Mumma/Mummy. I’m a wife and stay at home mum to 4 amazingly hectic kids (3 biological). Josh and Tallon 17, Lincoln, 7 and our Miley Girl 4. My children are my world. I was born in Toowoomba and lived there for 31 years until we made the move to the amazing Sunny Coast 4 years ago. (best thing we ever did)! BEST THING EVER!!!

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
Growing up I did squad swimming, tap dancing and in my later years I played and represented my High School and Queensland in Futsal. I also used to go to your everyday gym. Loved doing the boxing and spin classes.

Why CrossFit?
I was un-motivated looking for something different instead of the same old boring stuff and had perfected being a couch potato when my friend Sarah suggested and made me come along to my first session. Ever since then I have been hooked.

What results have you seen while at CFC?
I have lost 8kg and toned up a little bit (obviously have more still to go lol). I have heaps more energy and can actually keep up with my kids. I haven’t just seen physical results, CFC has also helped me so much mentally especially with my depression and anxiety. That’s why I refer to CFC as #myhappyplace lol.

Favourite WOD/exercise, and least favourite?
I like back squats, rowing and deadlifts. Don’t mind bench press and sled pushes (I also seem to spew after these) lol. Running is actually starting to grow on me too!
Not a huge fan of burpees, wall balls or the assault bike.

Favourite food?
Love steak, salmon and love, love love lychees but my biggest weakness is actually milk. Just plain milk.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
An elephant. They are my favourite animal.

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
When I get out of the car I have to lock it then unlock it then lock it again.

Who or what inspires you?
Family, friends, everyone at the box but mainly my little family, Jason and my children, they are hands down my biggest inspiration. They make me want to be a better person and they deserve the best me I can be and Crossfit helps me to do that.

Advice to new comers?
Don’t be afraid to give it a go. Crossfit is literally for everyone. No matter your size or fitness level. Everyone is so welcoming and supportive it’s like an extended family. You will be amazed at what you can achieve. I know I am.
Fish oils CrossFit Sunshine Coast

Fish Oil: What is it and what can it do for me?

Taking up space in the pantry or over-looked?

Fish oils (EPA/DHA)
Eli Butler

What are we looking at?
“Fish oils” seems to be more commonly thrown around when talking about general health and wellness supplements; leaving itself spoken about plenty but still under appreciated and over looked. What is a fish oil? This term is used when referring to Omega-3 fatty acids; in which there are two kind; Eicosapentaenoic aicd (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). Found primarily in fish (duh) as well some other animal products but generally in lower doses. These oils can benefit our bodies in more ways than one but more often than not their consumption is lacking to say the least.

Why use supplements to boost it?
As mentioned above Omega 3 fatty acids such as EPA and DHA tend to be lacking in the general populations dietary consumption, while Omega 6 tends to be consumed more generously due to a westernised diet. This results in a imbalance between the Omega 3 and 6 in your body; in which an ideal ratio of 3:6 is usually more along the lines of 1:1. This ration might not seem alarming but proper regulation of these fatty acids and promoting a healthy balance and aid with so many physiological processes. Fish oils when working effectively primarily assist Eicosanoids, which are signalling molecules. These Eicosanoids meet a widely diverse list of functions including; absorption, regulation especially during pregnancy, mounting and inhibiting inflammation, fevers, allergies and other immune responses, aiding with the perception of pain, regulation of cell development/growth and regional blood flow and blood pressure control! That’s crazy!

What can you expect from its use?
Through promoting a positive ration between Omega 3 and Omega 6 in the body, you can expect to see the following:

• Blood pressure regulation improvement
• Improved regional blood flow (raynauds in hands and feet)
• Better response to illness and immune support
• Improved response to an inflammation
• Benefits to cell health
• Potential decrease the risk of diabetes
• Reduced risk of plaque build up
• Increase in brain activity
• Improved joint health

Dosing suggestions
Fish oil products vary brand to brand in concentration, but it is suggested to consume 1g per day (average adult) as a minimum. This can be increased to aid with omega 6 imbalances or if partaking in high levels of daily exercise or if a larger amount of red meat, eggs and so forth is consumed. For general health additional supplementation of 250-500mg of combined EPA and DHA is suggested to aid with fatty acid balances. Ideally a mix of good food and supplements will aid in balancing Omega 3 and 6 ratios in the body.

Where to purchase:
At CrossFit Caloundra we stock Bioceuticals ‘UltraClean 85’. We have chosen this product for a number of reasons:
1. It provides the highest concentrated dose of omega-3 essential fatty acids (at 85%) on the Australian market.
2. Exceptionally high indicators of freshness, quality and purity: low odour, low peroxide, low p-anisidine and low total oxidation (TOTOX) values.
3. Wild caught and sustainably sourced Alaska pollock from Alaskan waters.
4. First fish oil on the market to qualify for the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) logo.

You can get 120 capsules for just $55. We can post to anywhere in Australia.

Here’s a guide for dosage using UltraClean 85:
Adults: Take 1 capsule daily to help maintain mental and cognitive function, and nutritional support for the cardiovascular system.
Adults: Take 2 capsules daily for maintenance of healthy mood and triglyceride levels.
Adults: Take 4 capsules daily for temporary relief of joint inflammation and swelling and support with normal blood pressure in healthy individuals.

Special notes:
A slight stimulatory effect can be felt due to an increase in brain activity after supplementation, this is known as a nootropic. Fish oil consumption is likely to more beneficial with duration rather than immediate effects being felt.

Athlete of the Month – August!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for August – Mick Maguire!
Mick athlete of the month August crossfit caloundra

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
My name is Michael Maguire. Im 38 and married with 2 kids. I spent 12 years in the Army and have had 6 years in the police.

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
I played team sports and occasional running.

Why CrossFit?
I was looking for something that was similar to the army in relation to variety of training. The competitive nature of the training was also a good motivator for me.

What results have you seen while at CFC?
Increased strength within weeks of starting. Mobility and range of movement have also improved.

Favourite WOD/exercise, and least favourite?
My favourite Exercise is dead balls over the shoulder and least favourite is kipping pullups.

Favourite food?
My favourite food is Mexican.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Pictures of my kids.

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
Haven’t had a sick day in 6 years.

Who or what inspires you?
People who show courage and conviction in difficult or dangerous situations.

Advice to new comers?
Turn up regularly. It’s not only better for your strength and conditioning but you learn the basic movements faster.
Glutamine CrossFit Caloundra Sunshine Coast

Glutamine: what is it and what can it do for me?

Struggling with nutrient absorption, gut health, need immune support? Perhaps all of the above?

Eli Butler

What are we looking at?
L-Glutamine is an amino acid commonly found in muscle, over 61% of skeletal muscle is glutamine! Its role in the body is more than noteworthy, playing part in protein metabolism, nutrient absorption, gut and intestinal health as well as immune support. Due to a high nitrogen content glutamine acts as a primary transporter for nitrogen into muscle cells. In regards to gut health, it presents itself as one of the most important nutrients for your intestines and can be used to maintain intestinal and bowl integrity. It will often be used to repair leaky gut syndrome, which will significantly boost your immune system. For those exercising we put our bodies under stress on the daily and maintaining a good immune system is essential for your health and wellbeing.

Why use supplements to boost it?
Glutamine is naturally occurring as spoken about before it is what makes up much of the skeletal muscle in our body, but glutamine can be greatly depleted due to intense training; resulting in decreases in strength, stamina and ultimately recovery. While we cant off set this depletion we can aid in the replenishment of glutamine in the body and supplementation is a great way to do this. In fact, without additional glutamine consumption is can take up to 6 days for levels to return to normal; thus minimizing muscle wastage and boosting protein metabolism and recovery.

What can you expect from its use?
Through increasing available L-Glutamine in the body, you can experience the following:

• Better gut health
• Boost nutrient absorption
• Reduce food sensitivities
• Aid digestion and intestinal health/function
• Boost immunity
• Improved protein metabolism
• Better recovery
• Less muscle wastage
• Bounce back with muscular strength and stamina

Product suggestions:
Consumption of this Amino Acids is most beneficial when consumed daily, irregular intake will limit the potential for continued effectiveness of the benefits listed above. A dose of 5g per day is sufficient to meet these needs, while a higher dose of 20g for a period of 7 days can be assistive in times of irritable gut and bowels or poor health ie sickness. Prolonged high level consumption will yield no better response than that of a 5g dose.

Where to purchase:
At CrossFit Caloundra we stock the high quality brand ATP Science which you can purchase a 500gram bag of Glutamine for just $29.95. We can post to anywhere in Australia.

Athlete of the Month – July!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for July – Kylie Cerda!
Kyls athlete of the month crossfit caloundra

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
I am Kylie, Kyles, Hunny, Mummy – 39 – stay-at-home wife and mum to 3 beautiful and frustrating boys. I played competitive sports in high school (Volleyball, Softball, Swimming, Discus) and then moved to the U.S. where I attempted to eat everything there for 6 years. I moved back to Australia 10 years ago and here is where our 3 boys were born. We’ve been settled on the Sunny Coast for about 3 years.

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
I stayed active in high school with training for various sports but then didn’t really do anything for a while. Played a little recreational volleyball, I tried a couple of group classes when the boys were tiny and swam a few laps here and there.

Why CrossFit?
One of my oldest friends was an avid crossfitter and she talked me into trying it. I haven’t looked back since. I enjoy the group dynamic in CrossFit. There’s people here that suffer with you. You get to celebrate with people when they hit PRs and commiserate with them when they are sore. And then of course, you get to have a good old chat!

What results have you seen while at CFC?
I am about 20kg lighter than when I started at CFC around 2.5 years ago. Definitely much stronger and I’d say the fittest I’ve been in my adult life.

Favourite WOD/exercise, and least favourite?
I enjoy the Olympic lifts the most and the technicality of these lifts. Lifting anything heavy really. I hate burpees and rig work with a passion. And don’t get me started on running! (but I still mostly turn up those days too ☺)

Favourite food?
I love Thai, Japanese and Indian food – just food in general! My favourite is probably either Butter chicken or Sushi or burgers… Mmmm, burgers! Can’t pick just one!

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Lots of Crossfit words!

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
I have so many obsessive-compulsive traits (weight plates need to match, clips need to match etc). Probably the most ironic one is my hate of all things sandy. I hate sand and I live at the beach.

Who or what inspires you?
My family inspire me to be my best for them so I’m around for a long time. My boys are my inspiration.

Advice to new comers?
Just have a go at everything! Keep it up and you’ll see improvement. We are all just regular people too ☺

Athlete of the Month – June!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for June – Lachie Pickering!
Athlete of the month June crossfit caloundra

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
35, Lok, Country Boy from up North QLD

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
Never into any team sports, mainly outdoor adventures with friends.
Rock climbing, trail running, climbing mountains etc. A few years ago I spent 3 weeks in the Himalayas and trekked up to Mt Everest base camp.

Why CrossFit?
CrossFit seems ideal as an all-round strength mobility and cardio program. I’ve never wanted to go to a gym and push around heavy weights. Plus I want to be a 90 year old man that can walk around on his hands, not all crippled and messed up!

What results have you seen while at CFC?
Lower body fat percentage, all round energy, strength and mobility are big ones. Learning a lot too from the coaches.

Favourite WOD/exercise, and least favourite?
Favourite would be strict calisthenics- weighted pull ups, weighted push ups, weighted squats, and weighted dips. Throw kettle bells into the mix and it’s all good! I’m looking forward to Murph.

Least favourite would be anything kipping. Doing something for reps with less effort doesn’t seem to add up to me, only creates injury and doesn’t create as much strength as doing something strict. I’m sure other people will disagree with that, it’s just my thoughts.

Favourite food?
Dragon Roll from 79 Sushi! If you haven’t tried one of these you’re missing out!

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Stock image.

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
Waking before the sunrise every morning. I figure if I’m up before the sun, I can make the most of my day. Impossible to sleep in, I find myself lying in bed, my mind ticking over thinking “I wonder what’s going on outside”.

Who or what inspires you?
Anyone how pushes themselves no matter what their level is.
Someone who is successful in life and enjoys their work. Happiness, not money equals a long happy life.

Advice to new comers?
Even though you’re sore, just keep turning up. It gets better. Leave your pride at the door, start with LIGHT weights, even though it feels like you could lift so much more, and focus on your technique. Heavier weight will come.

Athlete of the Month – May!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for May – Loz Neumann!
May athlete of the month CrossFit Caloundra Sunshine Coast

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
LOZ. 25 years young grew up in Ipswich, moved to the Sunny Coast 6-7 years ago.

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
Just normal gym. Also tried MMA for 6 months.

Why CrossFit?
I joined Crossfit to meet people and because I love being active so figured it was a win win.

What results have you seen while at CFC?
Life changing ones. Have made lifelong amazing friends, get to do something I love (exercise) almost every day and I learn things and get to better myself… actually look Ford to going to the gym. I’m honestly the happiest I’ve ever been and it all started with joining CFC and meeting some truly wonderful people.

Favorite WOD/exercise, and least favorite?
Fave Deadlifts…. I hate wall balls!

Favorite food?
Salt and pepper squid.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
Water drops.

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
I’m a bit of a clean nut at home.

Who or what inspires you?
Mum. People who come from nothing but make something.

Advice to new comers?
Don’t be scared, worried or shy it’s an awesome little community of supportive awesome people. And it’s F.U.N (most days) 😉
Brussels sprouts recipe crossfit sunshine coast

Brussels Sprouts with bacon and pecans

Serves 3-5

500gm of brussels sprouts (cut in halves)
1 Tbsp of ghee
1/3 cup bone broth
3-4 slices of bacon (diced)
1/2 cup of pecans (diced)
Salt and cracked pepper

Heat a pan over medium heat. Cook pecans for 3-4 mins or until roasted.
Increase heat to high and cook bacon for 3 mins or until brown. Transfer out and add brussels sprouts with ghee and cook until they start to get a nice brown caramelisation.
Add bone broth and a lid to the pan, reduce heat to medium and cook for another 3-5 mins or until they are tender.
Transfer to a serving bowl and stir through bacon and pecans adding salt and pepper to taste.

Slow Cooked Maple & Dijon Beef

Serves 4-6

1kg of slow cooker beef (chuck, blade, gravy)
4 slices of bacon
2 large onions (cut in half moons)
2 large washed potatoes (cut into quarters)
2 carrots (cut roughly)
Handful of purple cabbage (cut roughly)
1 cup of bone broth (check out our recipe HERE to make super easy broth)
1 tblsp dijon mustard
1 tblsp maple syrup
1 tblsp balsamic vinegar
1 tsp paprika
1 tsp pink salt
Ground black pepper to taste
Fresh thyme to garnish

Pat the beef dry with paper towels and season well with salt and pepper.
In a large heavy pan on medium heat, add the bacon and cook until some fat starts rendering and begins to turn golden.
Push the bacon to the side, then add the beef. Sear on both sides until golden brown, then transfer all meat to the slow cooker.
Add the onions and purple cabbage to the pan and cook off until they start to soften. Pour in a few tablespoons of bone broth and bring to a simmer, scraping up any brown yummy bits from the bottom of the pan. Pour all into the slow cooker.
In a separate bowl, mix together the remaining bone broth, dijon, maple syrup, balsamic, paprika, salt and pepper. Pour this over the beef in the slow cooker. Add the potatoes and carrots.
Close the lid, and cook on low for 8 hours, or until the meat is meltingly tender.
Once done, transfer the meat to a platter and cover with foil. Pour the cooking liquids from the slow cooker into a saucepan and bring to the boil. Cook until the gravy is reduced to your desired thickness.
Serve over rice if you wish or by itself.

Lookout for the leftovers! Yum!