Athlete of the Month – October!

Congratulations to Athlete of the Month for October – Dylan Holmes!
Dee CrossFit Caloundra athlete of the month October

Who are you – age/nicknames/background?
I’m 15, my name is Dylan, but everyone calls me Dee.

What did you do Fitness-wise before CrossFit?
Taekwondo, gym.

Why CrossFit?
Its fun and works on strength and cardio.

What results have you seen while at CFC?
I’ve gotten so much stronger and fitter. Although I hate running I’ve gotten faster.

Favourite WOD/exercise, and least favourite?
My favourite WOD is Murph, favourite exercise would have to be the clean. My least favourite WOD and exercise is anything involving overhead squats.

Favourite food?
Beef Ravioli.

What’s the wallpaper on your phone right now?
A cool picture of space.

Name one obsessive/compulsive trait?
Does cracking knuckles classify as a trait?

Who or what inspires you?
Servicemen and women that risk their lives fighting for Australia.

Advice to new comers?
Calluses hurt.

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